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Find links to country specific associations dedicated to supporting and informing the low vision community.


Asociación Macula Retina

A Spanish non-profit association created by patients and relatives of those affected by degenerative and non-degenerative pathologies of the macula and retina that cause visual disability and legal blindness.

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Associazione Comitato Macula

An Italian non-profit association established to give a voice to people living with low vision. Website includes videos of personal experiences and link to SOS Macula, a service dedicated to listen to the needs of people living with macular related conditions and their families, to help find the most suitable solution to their problem.

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Fighting Blindness Canada

The largest charitable funder of vision research in Canada established to support individuals and families impacted by blindness. Organisation provides accurate eye health information through website and educational events, as well as engaging with government and other stakeholders to advance better vision health policies.

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Macular Disease Foundation Australia

An Australian association, Macular Disease Foundation is a national body representing the interests of the 1.9 million Australians living with macular disease and their families. Website features wellbeing hub, eye health video series and ‘My Eyes’ patient support service for anyone living with macular disease.

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Prevent Blindness US

An American association whose mission is to prevent blindness and preserve sight. They are focused on promoting early detection of vision issues, access to eye care, and support for those with vision loss through education, advocacy, public health research, certified vision screening training, and community and patient empowerment programs.

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Retina France

A French non-profit organisation bringing together people living with low vision in order to inform and provide social and humanitarian assistance. The organisation is committed to pursuing its objective of supporting research, raising awareness and providing essential support to people living with eye diseases.

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Retina Italia ODV

An Italian association established to fight against hereditary retinal dystrophies. Its key purpose is the promotion and development of scientific research for the identification of the causes, treatment and prevention of pathologies that cause low vision and blindness. Website includes a section dedicated to ‘Doctor’s Answers’ and latest news on scientific research at congresses.

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New Zealand

Svenska RP-Föreningen

A Swedish non-governmental association based on voluntary resources, for and by people living with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and related hereditary degenerative retinal diseases. Svenska RP-Föreningen also encourage relatives, ophthalmologists, opticians and others interested in seeking membership as a supportive member.

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Please visit the Retina International website if there is no organisation in your country listed above.

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